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NCCAOM PDA Provider:

Bach Flower Education

NCCAOM PDA Provider #: 162091

Responsible Party:

Nancy Buono

NCCAOM PDA Providers represent a significant commitment to the professional development of Diplomates and practitioners in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Providers make an important statement regarding the maintenance of competencies that is recognized by the profession, regulatory agencies, third-party payors, and the public.

Earning Criteria:

Applicants applying to become NCCAOM PDA Providers undergo a rigorous review and interview process. Requirements include:

  1. Maintenance of Active Certification status if an NCCAOM Diplomate
  2. Maintenance of a clear and unrestricted state acupuncture license, if applicable
  3. Verification of the resume/curriculum vitae for education and professional experience
  4. Website evaluation for professional representation and ethical advertising methods
  5. Attest to abide by the NCCAOM® Code of Ethics, the NCCAOM® Grounds for Professional Discipline, NCCAOM® PDA Agreement, and the NCCAOM® PDA Product and Service Disclaimer.

Courses approved by the NCCAOM PDA Department must meet the following requirements:

  1. Course content must meet standards for Continuing Education & Training
  2. Course content must apply to one of the NCCAOM Recertification categories
  3. Instructors must meet qualifications in education, practical experience, licensure, and teaching experience via a professional resume
  4. Courses must be applicable to one of four course types

List of PDA approved courses

PDA-162091-6 Advanced Workshop on the Bach Flower Remedies - Flower Essences Level 2 Live Presentation
PDA-162091-13 Bach Flower Education Level 1 via Web and Homestudy - Part 1 Distance Learning
PDA-162091-14 Bach Flower Education Level 1 via Web and Homestudy - Part 2 Distance Learning
PDA-162091-2 Bach Flower Level 1 Validation Program - Flower Essences Level 1 Distance Learning
PDA-162091-4 Bach Flower Remedies for Pets and Their People - Flower Essences Level 1 Live Presentation
PDA-162091-1 Bach Flower Remedy Basics - Flower Essence Fundamentals Live Presentation
PDA-162091-5 Best Practice for Working with Pets & the Bach Flower Remedies - Advanced Flower Essences Live Presentation
PDA-162091-3 Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies - Flower Essences Level 1 Live Presentation
PDA-162091-7 Practitioner Training on the Bach Flower Remedies - Flower Essences Level 3 Live Presentation