PDA Provider Badge

NCCAOM PDA Provider:

Acupuncturists Without Borders

NCCAOM PDA Provider #: 525

Responsible Party:

Gerri Ravyn Stanfield

NCCAOM PDA Providers represent a significant commitment to the professional development of Diplomates and practitioners in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Providers make an important statement regarding the maintenance of competencies that is recognized by the profession, regulatory agencies, third-party payors, and the public.

Earning Criteria:

Applicants applying to become NCCAOM PDA Providers undergo a rigorous review and interview process. Requirements include:

  1. Maintenance of Active Certification status if an NCCAOM Diplomate
  2. Maintenance of a clear and unrestricted state acupuncture license, if applicable
  3. Verification of the resume/curriculum vitae for education and professional experience
  4. Website evaluation for professional representation and ethical advertising methods
  5. Attest to abide by the NCCAOM® Code of Ethics, the NCCAOM® Grounds for Professional Discipline, NCCAOM® PDA Agreement, and the NCCAOM® PDA Product and Service Disclaimer.

Courses approved by the NCCAOM PDA Department must meet the following requirements:

  1. Course content must meet standards for Continuing Education & Training
  2. Course content must apply to one of the NCCAOM Recertification categories
  3. Instructors must meet qualifications in education, practical experience, licensure, and teaching experience via a professional resume
  4. Courses must be applicable to one of four course types

List of PDA approved courses

PDA-525-15 12 Points for Restoration & Balance Approach to Trauma Treatment Distance Learning
PDA-525-49 Advanced Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery - How to Be Effective, Ethical, and Inclusive Distance Learning
PDA-525-62 Alternatives to Opioids Live Presentation
PDA-525-35 Aromatherapy for Trauma Healing - Online Distance Learning
PDA-525-46 Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery - How to Be Effective, Ethical, and Inclusive - Part 1 Live Presentation
PDA-525-76 Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery-How to Be Effective, Ethical, and Inclusive Live Presentation
PDA-525-47 Continuing Community Organizing for Trauma Recovery - How to Be Effective, Ethical, and Inclusive - Part 1 Distance Learning
PDA-525-18 Ethics in the Treatment of Trauma Survivors Distance Learning
PDA-525-61 Four Seasons Medical Qigong: Summer/Fall Sequence Live Presentation
PDA-525-78 Healing Community Trauma Live Presentation
PDA-525-40 Healing Community Trauma in Times of Crisis: Module 1 Distance Learning
PDA-525-41 Healing Community Trauma in Times of Crisis: Module 2 Distance Learning
PDA-525-70 Healing Community Trauma: How to Use Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine to Support Communities Affected by Trauma Live Presentation
PDA-525-51 How to Set Up Safe Mobile Clinics During a Pandemic/Epidemic via Clean Needle Technique, Universal Precautions, and PPE Distance Learning
PDA-525-60 Increasing BIPOC Access to Care Live Presentation
PDA-525-71 Inflammation In Our Bodies, Inflammation in Our World: The Tao of Trauma Live Presentation
PDA-525-59 Navigating Racial Trauma in the Clinical Setting Live Presentation
PDA-525-56 Repairing the Shattered Heart Distance Learning
PDA-525-77 Repairing the Shattered Heart - Why We Need Trauma Informed Care Now Live Presentation
PDA-525-48 Restoring Relationships Distance Learning
PDA-525-17 Safety for Disaster Relief Work Distance Learning
PDA-525-63 Secondary Trauma, Your Life and Practice: Critical Things to Know Live Presentation
PDA-525-55 The 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong: Sitting and Standing Variations Live Presentation
PDA-525-44 The African American History of Acupuncture and How Its Erasure Contributes to Racial Health Disparities Live Presentation
PDA-525-69 The Art of Listening and Speaking from the Heart; How to Use Council Circles with Acupuncture to Deepen Community Trauma-healing Live Presentation
PDA-525-66 The Four Seasons Qigong: Fall Live Presentation
PDA-525-65 The Four Seasons Qigong: Spring Live Presentation
PDA-525-67 The Four Seasons Qigong: Summer Live Presentation
PDA-525-64 The Four Seasons Qigong: Winter Live Presentation
PDA-525-50 The Four Seasons Qigong: Winter & Spring Live Presentation
PDA-525-68 The Four Seasons Winter Review Live Presentation
PDA-525-73 The Power of Leadership to Change the World Live Presentation
PDA-525-52 The Power of Leadership to Change the World - Trauma-Informed Skills for Life, Work, Community Distance Learning
PDA-525-45 The Six Healing Sounds Live Presentation
PDA-525-72 The Way of Council: Tools for holding healing space for self and community Live Presentation
PDA-525-43 Trauma Prevention and Recovery Protocols/Clinical Toolkit, for Use in Community and Private Practice Distance Learning
PDA-525-74 Trauma Prevention and Recovery Techniques/Clinical Toolkit, for use in community and private practice Live Presentation
PDA-525-75 Trauma-informed Self Care & Recovery: Cultivate and protect your own qi while doing deep work in private practice and field Live Presentation
PDA-525-79 Wellness Is In Your Hands: An Introduction to Korean Hand Therapy using Acupressure Live Presentation